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Life, and Other Happenings

I submitted a manuscript in May for a competition. The blog post is here, for anyone who wants. The results came out a while ago, and I didn’t make the short list. I’m not sorry I tried, and I think … Continue reading

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Hairy Houdini Strikes Again

Caesar is still doing well, although we are thinking of renaming him. Hairy Houdini seems appropriate. It’s been nearly three months since he had the attack, and despite our best efforts, he has managed to get out four times. Okay, … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Better!

My son is out of hospital – for the second time – and is starting to look better. All in all, he was in hospital for over two weeks. Two different hospitals, mind you. The first one let him out … Continue reading

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A Quick Cat-ch Up

Caesar is still doing well. Apart from driving us up the nearest wall… He wants to go out. He wants to go out now! We are spending a lot of the day walking around the yard behind the cat. Thank … Continue reading

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Carry Cat

Someone said that a cat’s mission in life is to find out what you’re doing, and stop you doing it. An excellent weapon in their arsenal is ‘presents’. This covers the entire spectrum of things that cats will bring into … Continue reading

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If You Like Cats…

A lot of people start up twitter accounts or blogs about their animals. Many don’t last past a few weeks. Others are a bright spot whenever they appear.  I’m not fond of animal dress-up or photo-shopped images – natural cattitude … Continue reading

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Lolcat in Charge

You know how it goes. Dogs have masters, cats have staff. Caesar definitely has my husband right where he wants him. There are many, many methods of concealment. Caesar doesn’t know any of them. Even the dog – Sparky, a Jack Russell … Continue reading

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A Lolcat a day…

Not quite one a day, but here are a couple more homegrown Lolcats. Caesar awaiting his prey. He’s not the most successful hunter, but he is trying…  A well trained human is a credit to any cat.

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Homegrown Lolcats

I have a soft spot for LOLcats. Not all of them, mind you. I don’t like cats being dressed up, or photoshopped. And having a couple of homegrown LOLcats lolling around, so to speak, I thought it might be fun … Continue reading

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